Natalie Lacroix is a fashion and lifestyle industry expert. With a sharp knowledge of the buying and retail activities within the international luxury world for more the 25 years, in 2017 she chose to become Fashion Luxury Curator.

Her mission is to source and reveal upcoming talents, to sublime innovative creations and to spread the attractiveness of a brand.  

Intuitive, creative and liveliness, she supports each project manager in defining their development strategy. Her strength also comes from the richness of her network, that is daily stimulated, and her capacity to create the right connections between one and other. The style of her guidance is leaded by her values : the curiosity for discovery and the love of creating trusting relationships. 

Her ambition is to give back Art to Craftsmanship reconciling the nobility of the material, the beauty of the gesture, the knowledge of a savoir-faire always reinvented. But always innovating in a contemporary world. 

What I do?

My goals

  • Reveal upcoming talents 
  • Sublime innovating creations 
  • Spread the attractiveness of a brand

My clients

  • Designers
  • Tradeshows
  • Retailers

My ressources

  • Collection strategy
  • Implementation of commercial tools (lookbook, line sheet)
  • Privileged introductions to international buyers
  • Relevant tradeshow and showroom recommendations 
  • Partnerships Identification 
  • Global distribution strategy input 
  • Accompaniment and support of global brand development 



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